Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cuddle Monster Contest!!!!

Help Gardenpetal Designs get to 200 members on Facebook and win a Cuddlemonster plush stuffed toy! Each cuddle monster is one of a kind and made to suit you! I am certain your little one, or someone you know would love this little guy!

To enter go to my facebook page Gardenpetal Designs and like my page, then come here and leave a comment that you did. If you already like me on facebook you can leave a comment here as well and you will be entered to win as well. Don't forget to refer me to your friends, the more entries the closer we get to a giveaway!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

diapers diaper diapers!!!

I have been seeing alot of posts on facebook recently looking for good links to sites that might have free patterns for diaper making. I myself have used many of these in the past trying to find the perfect diaper for my Lily. Having a very skinny child i have had to alter and remake many patterns to suit her size and shape, finding few commercial brands that catered to the skinny minnie! Fuzzibuns with the adjustable leg elastics is one that i think is quite genius! And the only one i have researched like it. If you are looking for a diaper that will fit in that regard it's a perfect 10! But I also hear of alot of mommies that are looking for a natural, organic way of cloth diapering, seeing as most diapers out there on the commercial market are made with a liner of microfleece which derides from plastic. So many people are trying to reduce the need to use petroleum and petroleum is in a good many things. So in that case the EcoBums diapers are great, having only the outer waterproof layer of PUL and eco-bamboo and cotton interiors!
Now if these two great commercial options don't suit you for one reason or another or you face the same issues that i did as a mommy and wanted not only a well fitting diaper and an environmentally conscious alternative, then making your own is a great way to get all the things you want for your diapers and for your money!
The site i have personally used in the past is called `Zany Zebra Designs`
There are a great many options on there , many styles to choose from and all free! which is an added bonus when you are trying to save a few coins!

If sewing is out of your realm of understanding at this time, check out my facebook site Garden petal Designs

I make and sell skinny child diapers. I also make them with eco bamboo chenille or microfleece...i use what i have on hand most of the time, but try all things and advertise what each is made of.
Happy diapering mommas!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

link to my esty shop

i almost forgot some important news, i recently opened an etsy shop, selling a few of my fave baby items there, if your interested, order one..or many...!

Been a long time since i rocked and rolled

I can't believe how long it has been since i updated this blog! In the last few months i have had a resurgence in business and have been really keeping up with my facebook group for Gardenpetal Designs, it has allowed me to reach a wide audience of people who are looking for handmade quality baby and mommy items. Its really such a great tool, but i need to keep this page up as well for those who don't look at facebook...i am sure there are few people out there! haha
The house purses or Cottage Clutch purses as i call them have been a really popular item, i have been having a tonne of fun doing interior design in each of the cottages. I even make each have it's own theme. Comic Con here in Calgary is coming up and my husband will be having a booth there once again for his company Rocketpunch studios. Check out his facebook page and website!
I plan to make a few of the purses to sell there, but with more wacky theme's that would appeal to the geekery that head to Comic Con. Perhaps i will see you there!

Monday, December 21, 2009

free patterns


before you throw away old tshirts check out this link:


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

new crafts i need to share

So, a friend's daughter has a birthday coming up. She will be 2. What to make for a 2 year old i ask myself. i quickly go on the Internet and search for crafty ideas that a 2 year old might like. The search leads me to a few helpful sites and i am on my way to sewing a fun birthday gift the very next day.
i came up with a house purse, that contains a crown and a crayon roll. hopefully she'll have a blast with these things. here is the pics and the links to the house purse.